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Small Business Speakers

Are you looking for an arresting speaker for your business event? Someone who will get people thinking AND give them things that they can do right now to improve their business? Anchor Advisors is currently offering the following topics in both 45 min lunch format, as well as 2 - 4 hour workshop formats. These talks are low on glitz and high on hard hitting content.

4 Common Compensation Mistakes Our Most Popular Topic

Business owners are confident in addressing many topics, but get them talking about compensation and their confidence goes out the window. Few business owners have any comprehensive compensation program; instead deals are made with one team member at a time until their whole compensation scheme is deals on top of deals.

In this presentation Brad Farris reviews Four Common Compensation Mistakes and provides practical solutions to each of them. Using real data that members bring to the presentation we will review the process of determining fair and reasonable salary ranges, potential for merit increases, bonus and other variable compensation and tie it all together into a comprehensive compensation plan.

Read the detailed description or download one-sheet PDF for this topic.

Employee Engagement to Maximize Performance Newly Revised

Despite high unemployment many skilled positions are experiencing shortages of qualified candidates. In fact the labor market has tightened for professional jobs overall. If we are going to grow our business we need to find ways to get more out of the team that we have. Could we get 25% - 50% more productivity from our current team? What would that mean for our business and our profits?

We will talk about building trust, and adopting transparency while maintaining your authority as the leader.

Read the detailed description or download one-sheet PDF for this topic.

My members LOVED this talk!  I kid you not, you were rated higher than most of our speakers... they loved your style, your authenticity, your knowledge, your flexibility, your willingness to throw out your presentation and go with their flow... and more.

-- Mikki Williams, Vistage Chair

I have invited Brad to speak at two of my Vistage groups (and been in the audience for at least two other public presentations he has made). More than a year later, both groups are STILL talking about and referencing practices from Brad's presentation. Brad has what I refer to as "accessible intelligence" -- he knows his stuff and he serves it up so the rest of us can understand it and, more importantly, make it immediately actionable. His presentation are engaging and informative--with clear take away value.

-- Julie Colbrese, CPCC, ACC, Executive Coach & Vistage Chair